What is Custodi?

Custodi is a platform that is designed to ensure a modern approach on your daily habits.

Taking existing tech and innovating it in new ways Custodi is a refreshing feel on doing everything you already do whilst removing the clutter and inconvenience of what is traditionally in your wallet.
Let us help you take Custodi of what's meant to be yours.

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Custodi Environment Infographic
Custodi Environment Infographic

Features at a glance

Opt-in only | Anonymous | Targeted

Custodi works on an opt-in only policy ensuring that you only get what you ask for. Custodi uses Artificial Intelligence to learn and measure your behaviour without the need to ever share your information. You earn from stores without them even knowing who you are.

If you bought milk from the same-store every Thursday and you bought bread from that same store some Fridays, Custodi will offer you a discount to just take the bread on Thursday you are getting your milk. That saves you a trip to the store and gives you a discount on something you were already going to buy. The only reason not to want this is if the girl behind the counter is cute. Unless you're not into girls, then just take the deal.
Smarter lists

We've all tried it, creating a shopping list to try and stay on track and remember what to buy. We've tried sharing lists with family members so that you do not end up buying the same thing twice.

Create a shopping list in Custodi and watch it adjust based on where you are. Your list will grey out items that are not available in the location you're in, it will suggest near-by locations with prices of items so you can quickly decide where to go.

You do not even have to tick items of the list, just scan your barcode at the till and voila all items purchased are now marked off your list and those that share the list with you.

Smarter rewards | Easier sharing

Link all your rewards programs to your Custodi barcode which means you now conveniently carry around one barcode representing all your rewards programs. Scan your code at the till and Custodi will share your relevant loyaly / reward card information with the store so you don't have to.

Opening a new account? Custodi gives you the ability to uniquely and selectively decide what information you are willing to share with retailers when opening new accounts. Custodi does this by offering you an opt in service to safely store your information within your Custodi profile. Thereafter when a store needs information about you scan at the till, see what information they require, un-tick items you do not want to share with them, authenticate the request and boom, store has all it needs to open your account. (Unless you un-ticked everything, if you did that the store has nothing, no account for you).
Live | Easy | Discreet

Custody smartly organises all your spend information to ensure that you are able to make informed decisions without the need to think. Create budget in Custodi and watch in real-time as it directs all your purchases to their correct categories everytime you scan at a till. You don't even have to be online it all happens for you. Customise Custodi to alert you based on your requirements. We will even reward you for staying within budget!
Plan your holiday

Holidays are fun and exciting, but can also a nightmare to manage. You always overspend and you can never recall where you spent all that money. With Custodi this becomes far easier.

Open up the Custodi App, set your App into Holiday Mode, give your holiday a Name and select when it begins and let Custodi do the rest.

Custodi will give you estimates on what you can expect to pay at your holiday location based on items you normally purchase during those time periods.

Custodi will also flag all slips retained while on holiday so you can always look back and see where you spent your money and what your complete holiday actually cost.

Take the stress out of business trips

Aaah you are once again heading to a business trip, your company has paid for your flights and has given you the promise of re-imbursing your spend while away on business. All you have to do is ensure you take your receipts back to that lady in finance and she will release all the funds back into your account, simple right...Well it is now!

Enter business mode, Custodi will ask you after every purchase while on business mode if that was for personal or business use. Tap the "for business" button and a copy of your slips will be sent directly to that lady in finance and whomever else you would like to send them to. These can even be emailed directly to your accountants or Auditors. Business owners are given that piece of mind that they will have everything they need to ensure proper financials are kept and employees are just happy that they do not lose another receipt while away having fun... I mean on business.
Engineering genius | Small and convienient | Works on existing platforms

So we have gone through a ton of cool features around earning, collecting and sharing. Now it is time to look at the very core of what we do everyday, spending. Custodi aims to give you a new way to pay, by allowing you leave all your bank cards at home and just use the Custodi App (if your phone has NFC) or use a Custodi FOB (A small piece of plastic that is equiped with NFC and RFID).

This card will give you the ability to TAP at any store that currently allows you to TAP your bank card or has a machine that has these NFC capabilities. The good news is that this is becoming the standard right now. Don't have NFC on your phone, no problem, buy a Custodi FOB, link it to your account and start spending.
Spend conditionally

You can now assign conditions to the money value you have deposited into Custodi. You can choose to set one condition type to the entire deposited value or assign different condition types to various portions of the total deposited amount. Conditions are strict rules applied to your money which dictates where your money can and cannot be spent, on what it can be spent, even what times your money can be spent. Only you can apply conditions to your money and you can at any time release those conditions from your money. Every transaction made through your Custodi profile requires authentication to occur for the transaction to be approved. The user can authenticate by pin and finger print with the extra added protection that the user is required to be present in the location when transaction occurs. You can transfer money among fellow Custodi finance users. When transferring money to another user you can apply conditions on how the money can be spent which you have deposited into their account.
Give conditionally

Think about giving a family member such as your child money into their Custodi account. Your child is going to the movies with friends and will be eating at a local restaurant at the location. You as a parent can send your child money and apply conditions that the money can only be spent on entertainment and food. With this condition in place your child can now only spend the money at locations designated as entertainment and food. Should your child want to spend the money elsewhere they will be required to request you to release the condition. You have now effectively reduced your child’s possibility of being robbed as the robber would have to go and live your child’s life due to the conditions. The best the imposter could do is go eat out and watch a movie but unless the imposter confirms the transaction on Custodi by authenticating their identity the imposter cannot spend the money. Not to mention the robber had no idea where to spend the money to begin with or how much there is. Users can instantly cancel the account code should they believe it to be lost or compromised.

Budget conditionally

Conditions also allow you to create a strict budget for yourself where you assign conditions on your monthly income. You as the person applying the conditions can apply conditions under groceries, entertainment, savings & other spend types relevant to you. Your money can now only be spent on the assigned to categories. Should you try make a purchase at a restaurant but have used up all your funds Custodi will notify you that you have exceeded your budgeted limit. By upgrading to Custodi finance you have taken back control over your spending habits and how your hard-earned money is spent by those who you share it with.


Custodi concept finalised

Q1 2017

Proprietary Code Tested

Q2 2017

Payments structure Finalised

Q4 2017

Blockchain Requirements Complete
Budgets and Team Requirements Complete

Q1 2018

Whitepaper Complete

Q2 2018

Team Formed

Q3 2018

  • Whitepaper Announced
  • RRZ / ChainEx partnership established
  • Scheduled listing with our first exchange
  • 15 Nov - Pre-Sale to start $0.20 Per Token
    10 000 000 Tokens Available
  • 31 Dec - Pre-Sale ends

Q4 2018

Token Distribution

Fund Distribution

Meet the Team

Zahed Rassool

Zahed Rassool

Owner / Founder, Product Owner

Roxy Rassool

Roxy Rassool

Lead Software Engineer

Davin Smit

Davin Smit

System Admin

Zolani Zweni

Zolani Zweni

Software Engineer

Gilliam Noeth

Gilliam Noeth

Software Engineer

Ciaran Prince

Ciaran Prince

UX, Designer

Chris Dempsey

Chris Dempsey



Abel Naidoo

Abel Naidoo

Financial Manager, FNB South Africa

Christopher Arnold

Christopher Arnold

Director, Rushmere Noach

Legal & Compliance
Michael Warren

Michael Warren

CLO, Beyond Borders

Legal & Compliance

Luvuyo Bangazi

Luvuyo Bangazi

Head of Marketing, MBDA

Mikaela Oosthuizen

Mikaela Oosthuizen

Owner, MikaelaO.com

PR / Social Media / Ux
Fahdiel Agherdien

Fahdiel Agherdien

Owner, Origin Digital

Brand & Ux
Lloyd Keating

Lloyd Keating

Head of Tech, Big Daddy

Retail Technical
Ryno Mathee

Ryno Mathee

CTO, Blocktix & Lead Dev, Particl

Blockchain & Crypto

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Crypto tokens are a digital currency that reside on a blockchain and represent an asset or utility. Tokens are essentially a subset of an existing coin (in most cases Ether based on an universal standard).
Ethereum ERC 20 Token
10 000 000 Token (Soft Cap)
35 000 000 Token (Hard Cap)
Download our Whitepaper
The only place you can buy Custodi Cash tokens is from the official Custodi Cash purchase portal https://wallet.custodi.io
A wallet key will be generated on the Ethereum blockchain where your tokens will be kept. This will be done after each period during ICO.
Your tokens will be received after each ICO period.
Custodi will be registering Custodi Cash on Chainex which is a digital asset exchange. This is planned for April 2019.
Custodi is operating in a 1,0 Trillion ZAR retail industry as reported by STATS SA.
The simple reason that Custodi will succeed is due to the fact that there are no real barriers to entry and the world is longing for an innovative approach to these tired industries.

Custodi successfully provides solutions for 3 problems;

  • In retail, how do you benefit from rewards and deals programs without submitting any personal information about yourself?

    • Custodi understands that for a shopper/user to benefit from any kind of rewards program, the shopper is required to submit personal information, how else will the store know who to award.
    • However, Custodi says why can it not just be a barcode? Why can you not just appear as numbers and lines to retailers and nothing more?
    • With Custodi aims to put control back in your hands. Allowing you to share only the items you deem relevant.

  • In finance, you cannot control how your hard-earned money is spent by yourself and those who you entrust it to?

    • Custodi plans to bring our users the ability to apply conditions to money. Any transaction must first satisfy all criteria of condition before a transaction can occur as described by the following use cases:
      EG.Personal Use Case Example:
    • Your children go to the movies, you as a parent will give you child money to watch a movie and get some snacks. You can ensure that the money is only spent on snacks and movies by applying conditions to the funds you have given your child.

  • In retail, why do we as shoppers and users not use our data to live smarter too?

    • Custodi organizes your data into readable and understandable formats so you can make living smart a reality and live a better life by making informed data driven decisions. Live Smarter.


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